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Our online test lab is a sophisticated one, ideal for conducting online tests for plus two students. Students can also have a glimpse of their study materials online. They can write sample tests for the specific portion of the study material they have gone through. Our lab is working based on client server technology. It has a high-capacitated server along with more than 50 terminal clients with LCD monitors where more than 50 students can do their online test simultaneously. We are using server based operating system. The clients have no local disk, use far less power than traditional PCs and run server-based operating system and application software. The total network is connected with a high speed broadband internet connection. Our Lab is also monitored by CCTV camera.

Every student’s online test accounts have unique username and its password is protected. The test questions will be displayed in random order to avoid malpractices. As soon as the students finish the test, they can view the results and learn the right answers as well. We are conducting online tests for all the subjects.

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