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KG Activities

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KG Activities

Spelling Program:

Our Kindergarten spelling activity provides an opportunity for children to develop their spelling-skill through two-syllable words. Our kids learn through creative methods that make the kindergarten spelling program a fun for them.

Reading Comprehension activities:

To help students understand the texts, we practise a number of reading activities. In the full-day kindergarten programme, our teachers i.e, the early childhood educators structure plays and pictures to create learning moments. All these activities help kids develop, learn and eventually acquire the skills they need in grade one and beyond.

The Arts:

All children need time to create and feel like an artist, dancer, actor or musician. Our kids are exposed to three areas of the arts: Visual arts, Music and drama. So our kids are engaging themselves in drawing, painting, singing, dancing and so on.

Our Objectives:
  • To establish a strong foundation in the early childhood by providing an integrated system of learning to the young ones.
  • To create a play-based learning environment.
  • To help children make a smooth transition to Std I.
  • To improve the children’s prospects for success in the school and beyond the school.