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Chemistry Lab

“Children are the light of the World"

Our school has a modernised and spacious chemistry laboratory. Our Chemistry lab is a twin-chambered one. In each chamber, around 35 students can perform their practical tests simultaneously. The lab has 150 volumetric analysis equipments and 150 salt analysis equipments. Our lab has separate gas connection with Bunsen burners and water connections.

Our lab provides apparatus, solutions and chemicals for each and every student separately. Reagents are kept in the children’s working table. A separate store room is available for keeping toxic chemicals and acids.

For lower classes, all activity experiments and practicals are conducted regularly to make them understand scientific concepts. Besides, experimental charts are also available in the lab. Further, projectors are also used to explain challenging concepts.

CEOA has a motto to produce well-nurtured Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Leaders etc.,. Our chemistry lab highly facilitates in translating this motto into reality.

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Chemistry Lab