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The Central Excise Officers are known for their will, drive and zeal for tax collection. But paradoxically, in 1995, a team of Central Excise Officers of Southern Tamilnadu led by a great visionary Mr. M.Raja Climax, then an Inspector of Central Excise, who had a great vision and mission for the noble cause of education founded a Society viz CEOA Educational Society and raised the curtain for a new school named “CEOA Matriculation school “ in Madurai, the great city of Pandiyas, with a humble strength of just 43 students in a rented building in Mahatma Gandhinagar, Madurai. By the year 2000-01, the School had attracted a massive strength of students to justify branching itself into two- one at Kosakulam and the other at Officers Town, both functioning in owned spacious buildings. In both the campuses, the school has now grown like a banyan tree, providing educational shelter to more than 6500 students, 275 teachers and 200 non-teaching staff.

Apart from the above, another matriculation School at Kariapatty, 35 kms from Madurai was taken over during 2017 and it has student strength of 1000 besides staff strength of 30. This school is located on about 100 acres of land wherein CEOA Arts and Science College is also functioning since 2017.

During the academic year 2017-18, another matriculation school has been taken over in Melur, whose strength has shot up from a mere 150 students to a phenomenal student strength of 1100 with the staff strength of 30 thanks to proven and consistent success record of CEOA and faith reposed by the Parents in CEOA. In all these four campuses, the school has now grown like a banyan tree, providing educational shelter to more than 9000 students, 350 teachers and 300 non-teaching staff. The explosive growth of these schools could better be accredited tot the able stewardship of a devoted team of Management and the effective performance of a committed troop of teachers. Here comes the chronology of the growth of the CEOA Schools.

Year & Milestone crossed 1995

School stared in rented building, with 43 students

Foundation stone laid at Kosakulam for own Campus

School branched into two (Kosakulam and MG Nagar)

First batch of 10th standard comes out with 100% pass

Classes started for the First batch of 11th Standard

First batch of 12th standard pass out

Laying of foundation stone for Officers’ Town Campus

MG Nagar branch shifted to Officers’ Town Campus

Practical Exam Centre for 12th Standard Public Examinations

Exam Centre at Kosakulam for 10th Public Examination

Exam Centre at Kosakulam for 12th Public Examinations

Foundation laid for the third School (with Hostel facility) at Therkkutheru near Melur

Exam Centre at Officers Town for 10th Public Examinations

New branch at Kariapatti

CEOA College at Kariapatti

New branch at Melur

Now all the schools have pucca buildings with more than 1,70,000 sqft of built-up area.The school drew the attention of the whole Tamil Nadu in general and the city of Madurai in particular, when master R. Santhosh Subramanian bagged the state first rank in the year 2006 in the X Matric Exam. Thereafter, not even a single year passed without a rank for the CEOA either in the District level or in the State level. Especially, in 2012-2013 the Schools attained a State rank in the 12th public Examination and two State ranks in the 10th public Exams and earned a deservingness to be called “STAR SCHOOLS OF THE STATE”.“If you want to do something pleasing to God, help in the education of children” said by St. Don Bosco. This has become true through the relentless work and dedication of our present Chairman and his team who has totally devoted himself to the growth and achievement of the school. He is a role model difficult to come by. As Cardinal Newman said “The end of education is to rise the intellectual tone, improve the taste and give a balanced sense of value:” C.E.O.A schools have carved a name for themselves by producing stalwarts and intellectuals in various fields. It is the education imbued with character and confidence that would earn a name and fame for this temple of learning. We would continue celebrating education through the magic spell of LEARN, LEAD, AND LIBERATE.